Election Morning, Mexico

If we’re lucky, we are born knowing love. Fear is a learned emotion. For some, it is innate: when our lives are threatened we spring into stress the way animals do. But in most cases, when our ego is threatened we create feelings of fear. Right now, America has a massive ego and on all sides, we are feeling fear.

Love and fear are powerful, escalating emotions, both with the capacity to consume a crowd and seize the heart.
The more we denigrate “the other side,” the more we spew hatred at a candidate or a type of person who isn’t behaving the way we think is right, the more we perpetuate injustice, hatred and fear. The more words we spend on putting someone down, the less we devote to lifting the world up.

Love: it returns over and over again, even if buried deep, even when rejected. It needs us to fuel its spread, just like fear, but unlike fear it will still be there when ignored or trampled. Love will be around after we’ve called it bad names, after we’ve lashed out at one another and behaved thoughtlessly, selfishly, without regard for our fellow creatures. It’s there. It’s waiting to be ignited and it spreads so fast.

Love just needs a gesture, a look, a reminder that each day is precious and ours. Do it today: tell someone you love them. Buy someone a cup of coffee or look them in the eye when you say thank you. Hold a hand. Hold your own. Try being kind to yourself and if you don’t yet have the capacity to do that, try being kind to someone else. We can spread this thing. Choose love.


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